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Avalanch summer sale - picture of reeds along a beach


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Avalanch tents image - picture of blue tent with sunset behind trees


Your home away from home, the tent is your safe space and a place of peace and harmony

Avalanch bags image - picture of hiking backpack sat on rocks near a stream


An essential part of your kit, the trusty bag carries all the important ingredients for a fun and successful trip

Avalanch cooking - Picture of frying pan over hot coals with vegetables inside


Replenish your energy with a wholesome meal cooked under the stars. We have everything you need (apart from the food)

Avalanch seating - image of a couple sitting in camping chairs toasting a glass of wine, mountains in backdrop


Kick back and relax in your new favourite camping chair. From stools to recliners, we have a little something for everyone

Avalanch lighting - image of old fashioned oil lantern with sunset background


Keep the fun going well after the sun goes down with one of our superb camping torches or lanterns

Avalanch first aid - image of medical first aid kit

First Aid

The great outdoors is a beautiful place, it is also dangerous, so be prepared for every situation with a solid first aid kit

Avalanch sleeping - picture of woman lying in hammock between two trees


Recharge your batteries and get a good night's rest with our premium sleeping products

Avalanch accessories - image of woman holding up a navigational compass


Check out our huge range of  accessories. From trekking poles to whistles, we have a large selection of the most vital products for your adventure

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